Volume 31, Winter 2000

John F. Henry, Adam Smith and the Theory of Value: Chapter Six Reconsidered PDF   185kb
Richard Kleer, The Role of Teleology in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations PDF   177kb
Rob Knowles, Political Economy From Below: Communitarian Anarchism as a Neglected Discourse in Histories of Economic Thought PDF   249kb
Alex Millmow, Revisiting Giblin: Australia’s First Proto-Keynesian Economist? PDF   196kb
Graeme S. Dorrance, Economists Who Have Influenced Me PDF   106kb
Review Articles
G.C.G. Moore, Ruskin on Political Economy, or ‘Being Preached to Death by a Mad Governess’ PDF   139kb
Allen Oakley, Frontiers of Post-Keynesian and Other Heterodox Economics: Essays in Honour of Geoff Harcourt PDF   169kb