Recent Prize Winners

Prize winners for 2017

Winner of P. D. Groenewegen Prize

Christian Gehrke (2015) - 'Georg von Charasoff: a neglected contributor to the Classical-Marxian Tradition'

Best doctoral thesis

Karen Knight - A. C. Pigou and the Marshallian 'thought' style (UWA 2017)

Best Masters thesis

Riko Stevens - The theory of speculation in the history of economic thought: the contributions of Adam Smith. J.S.Mill and Alfred Marshall revisited (University of Auckland, 2016)


There was, according to the preferential voting of members of the editorial board, two joint winners for that year.

The winners were:

Susan Howson ‘The Uses of Biography and the History of Economics’


Stephen Medema ‘The Coase theorem Downunder: Revisiting the Economic Record Controversy’  


Best doctoral dissertation

Edward Mariyani Squire (UWS) ‘Opacity and Rhetoric’
Supervisors: Dick Bryan and Evan Jones, University of Sydne


Arnaldo Barone (Victoria University) ‘Veblen and the public support of the Arts’
Supervisor: John King. La trobe University

For the best honours thesis

Philip Metaxas (UWA) ‘Australia’s contribution to international trade theory; the dependent economy model’
Supervisor: Jurg Weber (UWA)

Winner of the P. D. Groenewegen prize

Alex Millmow for his article ‘Colin Clark and Australia’ in HER No 56


Best dissertation

Neil Hart ‘Marshall’s Equilibrium and Evolution: then and now’

Supervisor: Peter Kriesler, UNSW.

Winner of the P. D. Groenewegen prize

Gregory C.G. Moore ‘Placing Donald Winch in Context: An Essay on Wealth and Life’ published in the History of Economics Review, No. 52, 2010.


Best doctoral dissertation

Kerrie Louise Mitchener ‘Preference and Utility in Economic Theory and the History of Economic Thought’.

Supervisor:  Associate Professor Ghanshyam Mehta (now retired)

Best master’s thesis

Lisa Meehan ‘Heisenbergian uncertainty in Economics: an Ontological perspective’.

Supervisor: Tony Andres, University of Auckland

Winner of the P. D. Groenewegen prize

John E. King ‘Not the devils decade: Nicholas Kaldor in the 1930s” History of Economics Review No.46


No prize awarded for postgraduate work

Winner of the P. D. Groenewegen prize

M.V. White ‘Cultural circles of the Empire: Bibliographical notes on W.S. Jevons’s Antipodean interlude, 1854-1859’, History of Economics Review. No. 43


Best doctoral dissertation

Alex Millmow ‘The Power of Economic Ideas: the origins of macroeconomic management in interwar Australia’.

Supervisor: Selwyn Cornish, Australian National University

Winner of the P. D. Groenewegen prize

‘The Power of Economic Ideas: Australian economists in the Thirties’ (published in the History of Economics Review No. 37, 2003.